My New Adventure

Blogging?  How in the world do you set up a blog. Ugh! I have been sitting at this computer for 45 minutes, and am still unsure of what I am doing.  What I know is I want to write.  Anything. Everything. But where? How?

I have joined a writing club, I am so excited about it.  It is a small club, 5 people at the most…but I love it.  The free write is my favorite. A subject is given, or words are requested, or like last week – an item is placed in front of us to write about. I had a blast. The item was a statue of a sea captain. What fun it was to take 10 minutes and write a bit a of a descriptive story – the 5 of us took on the challenge, and oh it was so interesting to see the different ideas each of us had.  I described the last day of this ole sea captains journey on the sea. Another of my friends, described a naval seal, now passed on.  Next month, we are all writing (ahead of time) a Devotional to share, and work on to have published. I am very excited.

I wonder who will read this? Maybe no one, but sure is great to put pen to page or in this case, fingers to the keyboard.

God Bless – Find Your Passion.



About tdm4him

I am a daughter of the King!! A Single Mom of the 2 best children in the world...I love the Lord my God with all my heart, and want to serve him. I am not perfect, and fail, but He picks me up and gets me back on the right path. I work for a Christian company, as the assistant claims manager for large group health insurance, and I love it!! I am on a journey, and it is quite exciting.
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