I Samuel 17:32-33 ” And David said to Saul,  ‘Let no man’s heart fail because of him. Your servant will go and fight with this Philistine.’ And Saul said to David, ‘You are not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him, for you are but a youth, ….”

David didn’t care how big Goliath was. He only knew how big his God was. {from Derwin Gray’s Limitless Life}!

I really marinated on this these past few days…and let it resound in my heart. Do I get caught up in what everyone else says I can’t do, or should be? Do you?  I think I do.  However, I really started thinking, how in the world can I focus on what all these “sheep” are saying….bleh bleh bleh and bleh bleh baaa; When I serve a BIG God! I mean I have seen HIM do miraculous things.  When I couldn’t pay my electric bill last year,and I didn’t tell anyone about it. A church in my town, called to say – from time to time we hear of a family in need, and well we would like to pay your electric bill this month…Only God!  Or the day I was feeling especially low – and out of the blue someone from Focus on the Family called and said every once in a while when we pray for our readers, we get a sense from the Lord to place a call and see if there is anything we can pray about- today it’s you! Or how about this one, my daughter was to leave on a trip to Florida for her business class, and I was only going to be able to give a little bit of money to spend, and 2 days before she was to leave, our company gave out bonuses to all the employees – for a job well done!  God Can do so much more than we can imagine. So why should we focus on what all the sheep around us are saying…you know the labels they place on us, such as;  you are too quiet, you talk too much, you should never wear that color it makes you look fat, or washed out. We Serve an Amazing God – He loves us so much. We are His Children.   He Cares about what happens with us! So as I look back over this first Chapter of Limitless Life;  I can say I am feeling the stitches being loosed from the “afraid” label, so that my new “Courageous” label can be sewn in!! Praise the Lord!

I was also thinking –  what if we used those 5 small smooth stones as a remembrance  like they did in David’s time, when something important happened, they built a remembrance with the stones…. –  we were afraid – but as David slung those stones at Goliath and he fell the symbol of their fear!  We can also use these stones as a remembrance of our fears, and how we can be Courageous!!!

Blessings, Teresa





About tdm4him

I am a daughter of the King!! A Single Mom of the 2 best children in the world...I love the Lord my God with all my heart, and want to serve him. I am not perfect, and fail, but He picks me up and gets me back on the right path. I work for a Christian company, as the assistant claims manager for large group health insurance, and I love it!! I am on a journey, and it is quite exciting.
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10 Responses to IN THE VALLEY OF SHEEP

  1. Jodi says:

    Theresa, thank you for being honest and sharing practical ways you struggled and The Lord provided. I too am facing the label of insignificance. I have to say coming from a family that harbors pride, it becomes difficult remaining faithful in the valley with the sheep. But, God…. My insignificant feelings are trumped by His blessings all the time – what an amazing Father! Just the fact that my children went through a divorce from their father and a bumpy start in my second marriage (to a wonderful man), and they are growing into young adults who are grounded, amazing, and love Jesus. I’m blessed! It’s all about perspective.

  2. Great post! It’s true, perhaps not in our timing- always in His- The Lord is ever faithful.

  3. sabrinaebert says:

    Love the title…thanks for sharing! Let’s wear that courageous badge wth much pride in Christ Jesus.

  4. I have seen God work like that as well!!! and yet when something happens my first repsonse is to worry about how it will work out! UGH!! I am working on getting rid of that label of fear and replacing it with courage. Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed day!

  5. Sandra says:

    That’s a great post. Thanks for sharing. As it says in the book “Because of God’s faithfulness in the past, I can be courageous in the future.” I like the idea of using stones as physical remembrance of God’s faithfulness.

  6. nubcube says:

    Great encouragement and great post about God’s faithfulness and love and caring about the little things in our lives-encourages me to speak to Him more about the little things and the BIG things that I know only God can do-and that it is ok to be in the position that not only God can, He WILL perfect the things that concern me!!

  7. Great blog, thank you for sharing! God truly is amazing and He always knows EXACTLY what we need!!

    Kris Danko, Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team

  8. Angie says:

    Loved your post!!

  9. Love how you shared all those struggles Teresa and your testimony of how our God provides and blesses. A great blog! Debbie W., Proverbs 31 OBS Ministry Team

  10. chrysue says:

    Thank you for your open , honest, and practical thoughts about David. The lessons from his life and writings are some of my favorites from the Bible. It is jus too easy to get caught up in these labels. Thank you for reminding us to remember God’s perspective and gifts.

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